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Tima Bookshop is a special online service which provides our visitors all around the world with books, CDs, ... in Farsi (Persian) or in other languages but somehow related to Persian (Farsi) language, literature and culture. We choose our products from the stock of the most reliable and authentic sources worldwide. Shopping at Tima Bookshop is just like being in a bookstore, only you can shop in the comfort of your own environment at a time that suits you.


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Farhang Moaser Hezareh
فرهنگ معاصر هزاره

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Mosadegh in the military court
مصدق در محکمه نظامی

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$40.00 $18.00

Persian Mythology
نمونه های نخستین انسان و نخستین شهریار در تاریخ افسانه ای ایرانیان

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Kourosh & The Babilons
کوروش و بابل

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$19.00 $14.00

The Historical Persian Grammar
دستور تاریخی زبان فارسی

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3 decades of professional poets
سه دهه شاعران حرفه ای

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$25.00 $13.00


Iran Encyclopedia
دائرالمعارف ایران

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$10.00 $10.00

Sightseeing in Iran
نمای ایران

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Photo Album of Old Tehran
آلبوم تصویری تهران قدیم

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$10.00 $10.00
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