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Bestsellers: Farhang Moaser Hezareh | The heritage of Persia | Aftabgardoon | Iran zamin | Iran Encyclopedia

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We are an online venue committed to be your most complete and trusted resource for Farsi books, music, gifts and much more. We provide you with a service-driven, stress-free approach for shopping online. The goal of this bookshop is to create a better access to Persian arts, literature, history, poetry, and culture within Farsi speaking communities throughout the world.  While we provide you with the best selected books, music, movies, etc. we do our best to remain a free space for all other bookshops as well as individuals to offer their books and products for sale within Persian communities in particular and all Farsi speaking communities in general. 
For those who are in search of some books, CDs, gifts, etc. we have created a smooth and easy to use navigation system, as well as effective search tools. For more information regarding navigation and search you can refer to our Guidelines section.

Other bookshops and online stores can also open an account on Tima Bookshop and offer their products for sale to Persian communities. For more information regarding how to open an account, and your responsibilities and liabilities please read our Guidelines section carefully. also please review carefully our Privacy Statement, and Terms & Conditions.      

To make Tima Bookshop yet more practical and functional, we are granting the same tools and facilities to every individual within Persian communities to offer his or her personal books, CDs, etc. for sale. For more information regarding how to open and individual account for selling your items on Tima Bookshop please refer to our Guidelines section.    

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