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Please make sure to review the following points before sending us your request for cost estimation on your translation work (For a quick question or enquiry, you can use the Contact us page):   
  • You can either fill out the following form, or send us an email  () enclosing your text/document as an attachment (You can even fax us your documents (Fax: +1 416 946-1292.), or simply give us a phone call (+1 905 764 2960). Shortly afterwards we will examine your document. you will be contacted within a couple of hours with a price quotation on your job (Our quoted Prices will be valid for 15 days.). 
  • Please make sure to fill out the following form carefully, specially the number of words in your text, and its type (e.g. general, technical, etc.). You can review our Farsi Translation Services to pick up an idea about the category of your text. 
  • If you have an urgent translation, Please make sure to put a check mark on the Express Translation Service option. This will cut down the time of sending you the quotation. you can visit our Express Farsi Translation Service, to get more information about this service.



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