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Typesetting Services
Translation of various documents from one language to another usually has substantial impact on the graphical layout of those documents. Usually documents translated from European languages into Farsi (Persian) or vice versa expand in word and undergo quite drastic changes due to different fonts and the fact that Farsi has a right to left writing system. Our multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP) team can localize documents between any languages of the group Farsi,  English, Arabic, French, German, Russian. We are capable of working on a variety of operating systems, and employ state-of-the-art multilingual graphics and publishing software, including but not limited to:

  FrameMaker FreeHand

  PageMaker PaintShopPro

We also offer a wide variety of out formats. You can select the one which best suits you:



At TimaSearch Farsi Translation Services our desktop publishing specialists work hand-in-hand with native-speaking proofreaders to ensure that the meaning is not compromised when adjustments are made to accommodate formatting variations that occur in different languages and character sets. Every formatted document is proofed by a language specific proofreader to ensure that all standards of quality have been met.
To ask more about your Typesetting (DTP) services you can further contact us by visiting either Contact us or Get a Quick Quote pages.

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