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Interpretation Services
At TimaSearch we benefit cooperating with highly qualified and proficient Farsi (Persian) Interpreters. Depending on your interpretative needs, and your geographical location, we assign the most suitable interpreters to work for you at a very reasonable price. It is our commitment to providing you a superior interpretation service in Farsi. Please be advices that our interpretation service depends highly on the staff availability at the time of your need as well as your required location. We do urge you to contact us well in advance for any arrangement. Our Interpretation cover the following services:  

Farsi Escort Interpreter
A Farsi (Persian) escort interpreter accompanies individuals or groups on different occasions such as site visits, tours of facilities and inspection rounds. Our Farsi Escort interpreters cover a vast range of activities like formal meetings, tours of factories as well as dinner parties. Such interpreters are usually appointed to a duty for the whole day/or several consecutive days.

Farsi Legal Interpreter
A legal Farsi (Persian) interpreter works in a legal setting such as a courtroom, the office of a lawyer or in police station. In all these places some proceeding or activity related to law is conducted. We choose our Farsi legal interpreters among fully certified and sworn interpreters. They have full command of legal language and most of them have years of experience in this field.   

Farsi Phone Interpreter
Such interpreter will interpret over the phone in a consecutive manner. Because of the easy access to phone, provision of such interpreters for you needs usually far less effort compared to other forms of interpretation.

Farsi Consecutive Interpreter
A Farsi consecutive interpreter usually attends formal proceedings like conferences and seminars. usually the interpretation is done sentence by sentence or paragraph by paragraph (when the paragraphs are not too long). 

Farsi Simultaneous Interpreter
A simultaneous interpreter talks at the same time as the speaker usually in a conference or meeting. Such interpretation is usually the most expensive one because beside the interpreter there is a need for various facilities such as private 'booths', headphones and a microphone.
Note: Besides the phone interpretation, for other interpretation services please make sure to contact us well in advance (at least one week before the  proceeding or event). Rates and prices are highly depending on the locations and the nature of event or proceeding (being a highly formal academic or political seminar, or semi formal company meetings, etc.). For further negotiations and detailed information please use our Contact us / Get a Quick Quote pages or simply send us an mail (). You can also give us a call. Even if your call is not during our office hours, you can leave your message and contact number. We will contact you shortly afterwards.

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