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Farsi Writing Services
Effective writing requires both time and skill to create. Some businesses especially the small ones may not be able to allocate sufficient time or staff to compose effective letters, promotional materials, etc. In such cases A skilled professional writer comes to your help. 
TimaSearch specializes in writing business letters, advertising and marketing materials, as well as newsletters. It also provides an exclusive editing service that transforms inexpert or foreign sounding English, Farsi or French into effective product directions and promotional materials. Our business writing service provides you with almost any writing project you will need in your business. With following the simple steps below, you can easily make use of our business writing service:

 Just send us an email () and try to summarize what you want to say in your own language. Try to give us the facts and tell us what exactly you want to accomplish so that we will know what you want us to write (Please mention the language in which you want your letter in).
 We review your order and quote you the price and the time of delivery.
 If you are satisfied, you can pay for your order and confirm it with us. 
In case we need more information or there are ambiguities in your order, we will send you back an email asking you to explain the vague points. In some cases (if we feel a direct talk can remove the problem) we will send you a phone number and a time slot so that you can call us and directly discuss it with us on the phone. 
 We send your order by e-mail. You can edit it as you would edit any e-mail. It can be printed straight from your browser. You can copy it to your word processing program and print it on your letterhead or on a blank sheet of paper. In other words you can deal with it as you would any document.
 In order to shorten the ordering and payment processes, companies can leave a deposit with us in advance. we will then write your letters right away upon receiving them and forward them to you in with any delay. With each delivery we will send you your bill. It will show the charge for your recent order as well as the amount of your deposit which is left with us. 

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